Giving it all for 70.3 … for 135+ kids

Happy Giving Tuesday!

#899, racing for Team World VisionIt’s been far too long since the last update, written on the eve of Ironman 70.3 Arizona. Raced on that good day — October 16th in Tempe — alongside my brother, a fun five hours (or so) of endurance, raising money for Word Vision water projects in East Africa. Their future motivated me to do my very best in the present.

Today I want to implore you to give to their cause, developing community and providing water for children especially, the most vulnerable ones on our shared planet. You can give to on my water fundraising page, or give directly to World Vision with a matching grant.

Here’s my effort to briefly describe the fun and painful moments of enduring 70.3 miles. So far all have given $6,752, providing life-saving clean water for 135 kids in Africa!

Racing for Water with urgency and not with haste.

Race day is almost here, and yet there’s so much work to do. Restful work, really. Then we go for on Sunday, October 16th.

#899, racing for Team World Vision
#899, racing for Team World Vision

This journey began the first of the year to attempt to raise funds for World Vision water projects as a noble goal much bigger than self-improvement. I enjoy physical training and yet the challenge has been much bigger than just waking up at 4 AM every day with intention. My initial goal was $5K, providing life-giving water for 100 kids in East Africa. Last month we surpassed that, and take we’ve gone further together to bring water to 128 kids ($6,402). I’ve since raised the goal to $7,030, which would mean two kids receive water for each mile I endure on Sunday. The more given, the faster I will swim, bike, and run.

Best in the West 70.3 (a race before the race)

There’s just ten days until the race for water! Next Sunday I’ll endure a good five hours, alongside my brother, racing with a purpose at Ironman Arizona 70.3. 

Here’s a recap of another race of the same distant that I attempted last month. While the distance is the same, the purpose heightens with this next one: will you help me suffer on purpose for a day so those who must endure daily can receive new life and purpose?

Every $50 provides life-giving water for a child, for life! 


Leading up to Ironman Arizona 70.3 this month (on 10/16!) — a fundraiser to provide WATER for 100+ kids in Africa! [GIVE] — I sought out at least one triathlon this Summer. Since my favorite triathlon — and the only one I’ve done so far, twice, the Clackamas Cove sprint tri — was cancelled for Father’s Day, another race had to suffice. Locals tell great stories about the Best in the West triathlon festival, and it’s hosted annually at a favorite Summer spot near and dear to our family: Foster Lake. Most races are on Sundays, yet as a pastor I want to be with our people to worship and serve on the Lord’s day, so Saturday is much better. Lo and behold, there’s a sprint distance at the Best in the West. And a half-iron distance (aka, 70.3 or long-course). How about we try it?