Wake-up Workout

Go Farther Together!

Most of our weekend was spiritual exercise for the Renew Men’s Intense Jesus Weekend, yet we began each day bodily exercise (7-minute workout) and some running like this. Under a mile, up a good steep incline, and close to twenty minutes total movement. (Here’s a couple fun timelapse videos.)

One Hundred Superheroes!

Team World Vision sent me this postcard for reaching a significant milestone in fundraising. Well, WE did it, and many of YOU are to thank for that!

Let’s be clear though: the real Superheroes are the women and children who must go far every day to fetch unclean water just to survive!

For a mere $50 we can provide life-saving clean water for children in communities with the potential to solve the world water crisis in our generation.

Go Farther Together

Made it to first goal of providing water for 100 children. More work to do. Thanks Team World Vision for the new tri kit, which I’ll wear in #IMAZ703.