Racing for Water with urgency and not with haste.

Many have asked about the race on Sunday. It’s called Ironman Arizona 70.3 (IMAZ 70.3 for short), and the “70.3” notes the total miles. It’s a Half-Ironman (which are 140.6 miles), and I hope to cover the 1.2-mile swim in 30-35 minutes, the 56-mile bike ride in 2:40—2:55, and the 13.1-mile half-marathon run in about 1:40-ish. It will be a hot day out there, and an optimal race will have me finishing about the same time as my brother John, in five hours. Here’s some details on how to track us from your place of comfort …

Best in the West 70.3 (a race before the race)

Leading up to Ironman Arizona 70.3 next month — a fundraiser to provide WATER for 100+ kids in Africa! [GIVE] — I sought out at least one triathlon this Summer. Lo and behold, there’s a sprint distance at the Best in the West, held at a favorite lake. And a half-iron-distance (aka, 70.3 or long-course). How about we try it?