Three lonely hours for Water (stories from the Loneliman 38.3): SWIM

LonelimanFirst off, the Loneliman 38.3 wasn’t so lonely!
It began as an idea to celebrate 38 years, take the place of a cancelled local triathlon race in training effort, and especially incite a cause for celebration: CLEAN WATER! While solo wearing bib #1 for the “race,” the whole family was a solid support crew, the children in Africa were on my mind — in their loneliness fetching unclean water — and the thoughts, words, prayers and donations of so many truly caused me to swimbikerun faster.

Together we have provided life-saving water for 78 kids in Africa!
Together we have provided life-saving water for 78 kids in Africa! (More to give here.)

Loneliman was a success because you gave!

My race time doesn’t matter as much as the funds raised for World Vision water projects. Be the end of the weekend we had reached $3,917, which provides life-saving clean water for 78 more children in Africa! 

Now we’re fast approaching our initial goal of providing water for 100 children in Africa. 

Here’s my recap with stories about what transpired as I perspired, swimming a mile, cycling 31.1 miles, running 6.2 miles.

Let’s start in the water, swimming a mile. 

Kids are the Best

Transition Mobile

The Loneliman 38.3 began on our kids’ schedule. Originally I was thinking to start the swim at 7:30 AM and get the whole “race” day over with in order to be a Dad the rest of the day. But our kids wanted to join in, and I am grateful for their enthusiasm, even when it means we’re “behind schedule.”

So we loaded everything up in the car and drove into Oregon City to Clackamas Cove. Beautiful conditions, ready to swim out-and-back-and-out-and-back.

The need for clean water is greatest among kids, and here I was swimming in clean-ish water — safe to drink while I swam, if needed — while my kids played make-believe on the shores of the Cove. Amazing to meditate on this truth, especially when gasping for air a bit during a mile swim (30:20 swim time; decent pace of 1:43/100yd, “okay” but not fast).

Loneliman Swim

Loneliman 38.3 race time estimations

Started at 9:34 AM, which meant if I really could push it hard, a Noon finish was possible. Still planning on putting in three solid hours.

Part of Something Bigger

There is good work being done and we can see the results! Some of the stats are astounding.

Water Progress

Loneliman 38.3The clean water crisis feels overwhelming when we look at the numbers. We have no concept of 663 million. So hopefully this visual helps. The main point: we’re making progress!

In the last five years 221 million people have gained access to clean water.

That’s a 25% decrease in 5 years!

When we think of it that way, we can see that ending this crisis in our lifetime is a reality.

Give Water