Loneliman 39.3 » when & where (schedule & course)

For my 39th birthday on June 17th I’ll be doing a triathlon as a fundraiser for Next Generation Ministries (NGM), aka the Loneliman 39.3. Wrote about WHY here, in thirty-nine words:

Behold the moment, weigh your purpose.
Duty and beauty join as one;
Joy of obedience, whether together or lonely, man.
What’s a man’s legacy?

THEY are. Invest in the next generation.
Finish well.
In lieu of presents, give Hope!

What about the WHEN and WHERE?

Since a triathlon is mostly an exercise in effort and attitude — with very little control of all other factors (weather, equipment, traffic, health, etc.) — I’d like to invite you along for the journey as I fight for joy and endurance, to bring hope. It will be about three hours of grace-driven effort!

  • You can meet me at any of the spots noted on the map below (T1 & T2 = transition one & two), or along the course between all the “villages” of Oregon City, Central Point, Mulino, Liberal, Molalla, and Colton.
  • What’s more, I’d like to take a bit of YOU with me. Whether you’re a supporter of this NGM fundraiser, or simply ask for prayer, please tell me how I can pray for you! I’ll assign a mile # and pray for you during that mile biking or running (my beloved family gets the first mile as I swim). I’ll pray for you as I endure with joy. 

Schedule (all times approximate)

7:00 warmup (run, swim) 

7:30-ish Start! • SWIM 1.0 mile in Clackamas Cove

8:00 transition one

8:05–9:55 BIKE 32.1 miles 

8:50 pit stop by Mulino Airport (Hi Mom!) 

9:55 arrive Grace Haven 

transition two

10:00-10:40 RUN 6.2 miles (10K) with laps on Dhooghe Rd



Time Estimates

You don’t have to swim, bike or run at all. As you give, I’ll go faster. I envision people giving $39, or more. Again, I’m not asking for a birthday gift, for all my needs are met. All donations go to fund NGM, so in lieu of presents, please give hope

Our friends, Paul & Pam Hunter lead and guide the people and projects of NGM, for the sake of the next generation in Uganda, Africa, and here in the States. Their courage, generosity, and wisdom is uncommon. We get to stand with them, for leadership is lonely. As they give their time, talents, and treasure into making disciples of Jesus in every sphere of life, we get to partner with them as they Encourage … Equip … Empower … Release the next generation of leaders in Uganda, world changers.

THEY are why we’re in this endurance race with Next Generation!

Why the loneliman? 

Leadership is life-giving … and lonely. Leaders give HOPE.

Yet giving one’s life, giving HOPE, tends to deplete one’s resources. Many of long for the persevering joy and wisdom the Hunters have. We can prolong their impact in Uganda in a personal way: give toward their practical needs while they give hope. This way they are not alone in making God’s abundance in our lives into a river of resources in together changing Uganda one person at a time. We’re partners with NGM.

Why 39.3? 

That’s the number of miles I’ll cover — corresponding to my 39 years — in three parts:

1.0 mile Swim » Starting with the most dangerous sport, the Clackamas Cove will be a reminder of the scenic wonder of Lake Victoria and the majestic power of the headwaters of the Nile River. The people of the Pearl of Africa will be on my mind.

+ 32.1 mile Bike ride » The longest part of the race, up and down the hilly country roads between Oregon City and Colton in Clackamas County. During this time I’ll need to dig deep and remember this isn’t a sprint; one can go fast alone, but together we go much farther. I look forward to seeing NGM partners and getting updates at each summit along the course, all the way to Grace Haven!

+ 6.2 mile Run » The final 10K will be the hardest, even for someone who enjoys running the most. With the onset of fatigue and cramping (oh joy!), enduring the final miles will bring the good kind of pain. At this point I’ll want to give up, but leaving and returning to Grace Haven for the hills of Colton will help me remember the grace-driven endurance followers of Jesus get to embrace and embody in Uganda. Nothing comes easy there, and I’m inspired by all the lives touched and changed through the Hunters’ influence and life there.

= 39.3 miles as fast as I can (goal: in under three hours)! In fact, going it solo means I’ll have to be self-motivated, or better yet, be motivated the hope given and provided for by your donations. Let’s raise $3,900 or more for NGM! 

*Almost all the fundraising for NGM is for a specific project or cause. From One Step to the Maternal Advocacy Program (MAP). This fundraiser is for the overall financial health of NGM, aka the “General Fund.” You see BEING there alongside people in need has a cost; the Hunters go the distance with people, so let’s go the distance for them. The platform Pure Charity keeps 5%, and all the rest goes to NGM. Both are registered 501c3 charities in the U.S.; thus your donation is tax-deductible, and you’ll receive a giving receipt. Thank you!