Remembering Dan Patterson (a tribute from a true son).

This Fall we had to say goodbye to our father, Daniel Patterson. The youngest son of four, he lived and loved well. My father’s infectious smile, relational warmth, and practical know-how, coupled with caring for people, being generous with words and money. He was a good father. I miss him dearly.

In two memorials we honored his contribution to our lives and remembered him fondly. While I don’t have the audio nor video of what I shared at those, below is a slide show of collected moments over the years, and a poem-ish tribute of sorts I wrote after learning of his death.

Remembering Dan Patterson from Jeff Patterson on Vimeo.

Grateful for Dan our Dad, the man with the infectious smile, always ready to encourage others.

Remembering Dan Patterson (1944-2017)

Daniel Patterson, youngest son.
Embraced responsibility gladly, embodied hardwork daily.
Husband, father, brother, lumber broker, DIY-er.
Got a project? Let’s do it, these old tools will do. Fix-it, make-it, build-it, try-it.
Add some know-how, determination, grit and grace, see what we can do.
When the cloud of darkness arrives, let’s go outside.
Seek the Creator in creation: on water, summer & winter, sailing & skiing, canoeing, rafting & golfing. Oh the fun we’ll enjoy together.
Outdoors camping, watching sons playing, talking & smiling, at home with everyone — that’s the Silver Fox you know.
Ever the Encourager, here to show kindness, patience & genuine care. An honorable man who can find, Dan’s the man. Affectionate father & husband. Frugal & generous, self-forgetful in serving others.
We love you Dad.