Giving it all for 70.3 … for 135+ kids

Here’s my effort to briefly describe the fun and painful moments of enduring 70.3 miles. So far all have given $6,752, providing life-saving clean water for 135 kids in Africa!

Best in the West 70.3 (a race before the race)

Leading up to Ironman Arizona 70.3 next month — a fundraiser to provide WATER for 100+ kids in Africa! [GIVE] — I sought out at least one triathlon this Summer. Lo and behold, there’s a sprint distance at the Best in the West, held at a favorite lake. And a half-iron-distance (aka, 70.3 or long-course). How about we try it?

Three lonely hours for Water (stories from the Loneliman 38.3): BIKE

First off, the Loneliman 38.3 wasn’t so lonely! It began as an idea to celebrate 38 years, take the place of a cancelled local triathlon race in training effort, and especially incite a cause for celebration: CLEAN WATER! While solo wearing bib #1 for the “race,” the whole family was a solid support crew, the… Continue Reading

Three lonely hours for Water (stories from the Loneliman 38.3): SWIM

Here’s my recap with stories about what transpired as I perspired.

Let’s start in the water, swimming a mile.

The need for clean water is greatest among kids, and here I was swimming in clean-ish water — safe to drink while I swam, if needed — while my kids played make-believe on the shores of the Cove. Amazing to meditate on this truth, especially when gasping for air a bit during a mile swim.

Loneliman 38.3 preview

Racing 38.3 miles for my 38th birthday. In lieu of presents, GIVE WATER!
Before the real race day there are a few special training days and races. My favorite triathlon — the Clackamas Cove Triathlon right here in Oregon City — has been canceled for this year, originally scheduled for Father’s Day. Seems like a good weekend to put in a good effort.

So, on Saturday, June 18th I’ll race against myself in a Loneliman 38.3. As as the name suggests, I’ll be swimming, biking and running alone, and the day before I turn 38 (thus 38-point-3 miles). It will be three solid hours of endurance…