Wake-up Workout

A highlight of last weekend was early morning wake-up workout each day with the good men of Renew Church and the camaraderie of brotherhood to push toward our best while fostering ambitions much greater than mere self-improvement.

Go Farther Together!


Most of our weekend was spiritual exercise for the Renew Men’s Intense Jesus Weekend, yet we began each day bodily exercise (7-minute workout) and some running like this. Under a mile, up a good steep incline, and close to twenty minutes total movement. (Here’s a couple fun timelapse videos.)

Proud of these men for pushing one another out of our comfort zones.

Reminded of the global needs & daily endurance of our friends in Africa especially, as we ran with them & for them in the Global 6K for Water this Spring (and will be April 7th, 2017), and personal fundraising with #TeamWorldVision all year. We go farther together!